Stuck with processing next record


I am utilizing excel to get data from and process as per requirement, please find attached 1st screenshot is the workflow image,

I am stuck with a condition in the same workflow : - If my condition doesn’t satisfy then it will click clear and process with the next trans. and so on, 2nd screenshot is attached is my condition, where i need help

P.S- I am using RE Framework.



Hi @indrajit.shah

What exactly is the problem with the If condition you have here? Is it that you always get false for the BlnAction variable you have there? Have checked whether it is getting assigned with any value above?

No, I am asking for suggestion on how do i achieve next record processing if my condition is false.


I guess in that case, you might need to move all the invoke workflow activities you have below the IF activity inside the “Then” section of the condition in case those are only required when the condition is true. Then, it will check the condition and if it is false, it will click on clear and move to the next transaction since there will not be any other steps to execute below it.


okay, I was thinking there may be some other way of solving this, if my condition falls in false then i can click clear and pickup the 2nd record and continue …

yeah… I understand your thinking :slight_smile:

Since you are using the REFramework here, as you know the looping happens automatically between the process and get transaction data state. So I believe you are getting a row by row record for the process state from your souce excel datatable. So what you can do is, to make sure there is nothing to be done if the condition is false. so that it will iterate to the next transaction automatically through its normal pattern :slight_smile:

Okay, got your point. do you mind if i Direct Message you in inbox

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Yeah sure… you can message me anytime :slight_smile:

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