Stuck wasting a perfectly good day I had allocated to work on UIPath

I submitted my Level 3 assignment 1 exam several hours ago, and it still says “waiting for evaluation”.

Since today is a holiday where I work, I was given an opportunity to use it as time towards my UIP{ath certification.

But I can’t progress any further because I’m waiting.

I’m fine with waiting on the evaluation, if I can get the next assignment to work on, and/or the final test. The next assignment is called “3. Generate Yearly Report”

I’ve left the browser open on the VM I am developing on, and opened UIPath studio as well. I uploaded the 2 XAML files in a zip file… and nothing seems to be happening on the VM. All the forum posts about this issue point to back end solutions, so I’d like to focus on getting the materials for the next assignment.

Hello @Robot.Builder.9001, usually the assignment takes about 10-30 min. to complete and get the result…but in some cases it can take up to 1 day too (Level 3 - Advanced Training second assignment "waiting for evaluation")

Did you use the REFramework (Template) when automating the process? I remember that i didn’t use it in my first attempt back then and it took about 1 day until the evaluation was completed in order to sign in again the assignment with the REFramework. After that i got the result within 1 h.

I think that unfortunately in your case, you won’t have other choice than to be patient for the result… :smiley:

Hey @Robot.Builder.9001,

Thanks for pointing this out.
Although the Assignment Validation process described above is fully automated on our end, there is one UI change (in the platform administration panel) on our platform that faulted the automation.

Your assignment is currently being evaluated by our team today and a hotfix is going to be released in production tomorrow to prevent the faulty behavior of the platform.

Thank you.

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@Mod0091 thanks for the FYI. I started submitting videos and they got a pretty quick turnaround now, so I’ll probably stick with that.

Thanks for the update. However, I’m concerned that backend issues pop up so often. Every forum post that I could find mentioned a backend issue that was going to be fixed. Maybe use a bot to test the changes before rolling them out?