Stuck in UiDemo exercise for Advanced Level training


…thx, will check


Do you mean editing the Config file ?

Sorry… I do not follow you


I meant , I have edited the Config file slight_smile

But it is not working for me
@PaviniDilip yes I have created the the Orchestrator Queue



Robot is also avaiable


You should also create a robot on the pane?


I got it now added to th queue

Thanks for the Tip :slight_smile: I also had to Pass the Queuename in this format “Queuename” as Sreekanth mentioned .
Now the Dispacher is next , thx


I meant the Performer is next ,…

Error getting transaction data for Transaction Number: 1. {"message":"KibanaDemoQueue does not exist.","errorCode":1002,"resourceIds":null} at Source: Get Transaction Item

I am stuck in the UiDemo_Walkthrough. whenever I am trying to run the Initallapplication its showing an error as "Object reference is not set to an instance of an object ". I have created the asset named UiDemoPath.
Can anyone help me out with this issue?


Check ImportArguments


Hello Mr Ravi,

I am not an expert in .net coding. Is it possible for you to share your workflow with me? So that I can understand ? Cz not just this issue, when m opening the main file and running it with the

filename=in_Config(“UiDemoPath”).ToString in initallapplication

The application is not opening. UiDemoPath is Already saved in asset in orchestrator.

And y is it not showing the value I donot know.