Stuck in Ui Demo execution/Assign: Object reference not set to an instance of an object


I am working on UI demo assignment in RPA advanced course. i have followed the workflow and now am stuck. i couldnt figure out where is the issue. i get the below error when i run the workflow. i am not able to understand which object i didnt initialize. can someone help me on this

Main.xaml (55.7 KB)

@Jayavenkat when you invoke process workflow in Process Transaction state, you didn’t pass the arguments for in_TransactionItem. (It should be pass as TansactionItem)

Hi Theepan,

This is my arguments list for process.xaml. i tried to change the type to Int32 but i get compiler error stating queue item cannot be converted to Int. i assume, since i didnt share the proces.xaml you couldnt see the value passed to it.

That is fine.It Should be QueueItem.

Can you please show me the assigning part of CashIn in Process xaml.

It should be like this

This is my assign activity. have used the same format for OnUsCheck and NotOnUsCheck

Everything is fine. Now try to run and update me if you get any errors.

still getting same error. As per the error it is pointing to Assign activity but couldnt figure out what is the issue there. sharing the process.xaml as well

Process.xaml (20.2 KB)

can you share me you process xaml file

Process.xaml (20.2 KB)

@Jayavenkat can you please zip your project folder and upload here

Below is my project folder. Thanks for your help. (511.7 KB)

Ok I will look into it and let you know

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@Jayavenkat I got your problem. You have assigned in_TransactionItem as variable as well as Argument.

Remove it from Variable and keep that as Argument only.! (when you are using the same name for Argument and Variable, it uses variable as first Priority in that Scope)



It works now. Appreciate your quick response. now i face some business exception. let me figure out what it is.

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