Stuck in lesson 13


I’ve started lesson 13 and watched the video. After the video finished I pressed next and the video started again. I tried to fast forward but the next button didn’t get activated. From home the training didn’t start at all.

I managed get back to play the video from the top side menu and select to play the video again, but after it finishes, then the video stars playing again. It seems like I’m stuck in a loop

Any ideas on how to progress further?


Stuck in Lesson 4 Workflows

seems to be a general problem - many complain about this on various stages of the course. i have the same issue on lesson 4…



We are currently experiencing some issues which are affecting the transition between sections/lessons. Our team is engaged in investigating and solving this. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thanks for understanding,


Thank you for your patience - this issue is fixed now.

Let us know if you face any other challenges.

Apologies for the inconveniences this has created.

All the best,


Hi Roxana,

I am facing this issue now. My training session was stuck at Lesson 13 - Practice 3 Answers.

Next option was locked to take the Quiz.

Can you kindly help me with this.

With Regards



Thanks for letting us know. We fixed this - please take take the test now.



Hi! I’m new to the academy but I’m having the same problem: lessons 12 and 13 won’t complete.

They don’t seem to recognise when videos have been watched.

Also the green next-lesson button doesn’t seem to work on iPhone either in safari or chrome.




Hi Shane,
We are currently investigating this. Please let me know if you watched all the videos or if you had to answer the survey?
Andra T.


Hi. I have watched all the videos and passed the final test but this is now locked again!

I keep rewatching the vids for lessons 12 and 13 which it indicates haven’t been watched but it doesn’t help.




Please tell me if you have accessed the platform using your mobile.
Andra T.


iPhone 7+

I’ve tried Safari and Chrome but with no luck on either.


I’ve checked your progress and it looks like you completed the RPA Developer Foundation Training.