Struggle with 'Image Exists'

Hey guys,

i have to work with a slightly old Java-Programm. In the following i have to check, if the Checkbox is checked or not.

In the past i worked with the Activity ‘Image exists’ which worked pretty well, but i updated my UiPath to the newer Version (Studio 2018.2.3) and now it doesn’t worked anymore.

I tried different things to fix the problem (changing selectors, made an full new Invoke, reinstall and update Packages,…) but none of them worked.

I also tried to use ‘Get Attribute’, but this Activity doesn’t work either.

Thanks in advance!

Might this issue be because there is some red highlight around it? Or is that you highlighting to show us in this screenshot?

This might help?

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I’ve already solved the problem for myself, but I have the same approach.
Thanks anyway!:wink:

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What was your solution, in case someone else runs into this issue? Thanks!

I used a ‘Get Text’. The value was in this case “checked” or “unchecked”.