Structured datascreapiing

can u anyone help me to scraping the structured data using data scraping method i am trying get the list of job roles from linked in for the first time it is working when page is refreshed it is not working giving 0 results.

What do you mean when you say page is refreshed? Are you trying to scrape the data from multiple pages? Are you saying that when flow moves to the next page it doesn’t scrape the data from the new page?

Rammohan B.

no i am scraping data for different job profiles means in search bar first when i am search for say machine learning it will give some results now i am trying to scraping again when i am logout and login ans search for same machine learning when i am trying to scraping giving 0 results.

It looks like the selector might be dynamically changing. You should make sure the selector for the table is broad enough so that it can be found upon different visits to the site.


yes it is selector problem when i am trying to stabilize the sector then also it is giving 0 results is there any alternative method for this kind of requirements

Could you post a screen shot of the selector? It is often enough to replace the dynamic part of the selector by a wildcard symbol *

So instead of aaname=Name123, where the number changes with each page refresh, you would use aaname=Name* in your selector


if we are using wildcards aaname=Name123 it is working if we cganged to aaname=Name* not working(means if we are stabilizing using wildcards element is not founding) and one more that for example aaname=Name123 when we refesh the page or logout and login again aaname changing to aaName=Name456 means some other name example(Name732 or any number only number is ch ganging dynamically)

Could you provide an actual example of your selector? It seems like in your case wildcards would be the way to go, it is just a matter of adequate implementation.

This is my selector after data scraping

when i am using wildcards like this not working and one more issue if page is refreshing that ID selector chamging like this if again refreshed the page it will change.

Cant see your selectors. Could you copy paste it?

Make sure to use this button on your html code in the post, otherwise it disappears:


"<webctrl id='ember1681' tag='UL' />" once i am logout and i am login<webctrl id='ember1300' tag='UL' /> means ID is changeing dynamically when i am logout and login

It seems like the working selector should look like that:
"<webctrl id='ember*' tag='UL' />"

It might be that you will also need a title of the page to help UiPath find the right table. If the page has a title, could you give this selector a try:
"<html title='*' /><webctrl id='ember*' tag='UL' />"

i am using datascraping so in the attach browser selector it is taking tittle and in Extract Structured Data activity it is taking selector like mentioned above

"<webctrl id='ember*' tag='UL' />" if i am using wildcards it is notworking then how can i mentioned ID='ember*'

Could you still try with this selector though:
"<html title='*' /><webctrl id='ember*' tag='UL' />"

It might just work :slight_smile:

If not, you will need to find another attribute to make your selector more robust (check UI Explorer for that)

thanks for your suggestions still it is not working if i am using wildcards it is giving 0 results it is taking exact id ex(<webctrl id='ember4451' tag='UL' />)