Struck on adding data into write range

see these : (1) | write the number and corresponding colum valid in valid (

which expression I can write into the add row and itrate it.

9665410000000 valid

9665410000432 invalid

Main.xaml (34.6 KB)

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Hi @Deepak_Gautam

What ever you are prinitng in Message box use the same expression but in this form

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@Pradeep_Shiv also want to add number these number are into a variable

Hi @Deepak_Gautam ,

Your flow is correct but you defined the data table. You created the datatable variable but columns? So add activity Build Data Table in the top level means before Do-While loop and give columns name phone and text.

Attached your modified workflow.
Main1.xaml (37.1 KB)


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