String with certain pattern to values with Regex

I have now tried everything for the whole day now, but can’t get right pattern. I am not experienced with regex, so this is a real pain in the ass.

The pattern I have is:


So the ID, Name and the country are changing, but the categories remain the same. So I want those values after these categories.

I have tried with and Regular Expressions (RegEx) - Quick Reference | AutoHotkey, but can’t get right answer.

If someone can do it and deliver XAML for an example, I would appriciate it alot.


So using the LookBehind (?<=) and LookAhead (?=), you can check for the keyword Client.
Here are 3 patterns to return the text between each item:


There might be better ways, but I hope this helps quickly.


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Thank you ClaytonM!

I got the first and second one working, but the third (?<=(ClientCountry:))(.*)$ is not working. I tried to fix it by my self but I couldnt do it.

Can you help me with that?


Edit: Photo of regexr error screen here:

Also tried with [\r\n]+ before the pattern which you delivered.

I’m not sure why your RegExr tool is showing an error, but it works for me in UiPath.
Can you share what isn’t working in UiPath?


I was using Matches, the others are working well with Matches. I tried with you method as well, but i got error ‘Regular Expression’ is not a member of ‘text’.

Thanks for helping me!

Make sure you typed it out correctly; it should be “RegularExpressions” like shown in my image.
–It should also be listed after you type the period

On your last image where it shows “Object … not set…”
That usually means a variable is empty, so the Matches must not be returning any results. Give my method a shot, because it should work. If not, then the input string might have some other characters that were not considered, and I would need to see your string again to verify.


Thank you.

Got it working with using the Matches. I had to adjust the RegExOption to Multiline, and then it worked.

But thank you very much ClaytonM, this was big help for me!