String variables convert to DataTable variables

Hi, I want to convert a string variable into a DataTable variable. How can I do it?


Hi @tolgademir ,

I am not sure on converting string variable to datatable conversion is possible.

But there is activity called generate datatable we can pass your string out put and use row and column separators based on your string out put. Most of the cases tab should be column separator and newline should be row separator. For using this activity we can convert string to datatable but the data extracted from word should be structured. Please try and let us know. Thanks.

Hi @tolgademir,

Can you be more specific on your requirement!

There are ways to pass the string value into a Datatable and store it. But, I hope there are no ways available to convert a string variable into a Datatable variable.



We can convert a string in a structured format to a datatable
It’s possible

use Generate datatable activity

Here you go with an example of how to use it

Cheers @tolgademir

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