String until tab is found

Hi all,

This might be super easy but I can’t find the answer even using Dr Google.

I’m using a For each (text file) where I want to capture the name from LEFT until a tab is detected.

The data looks like below

Sarah vbtab 1234 vbtab ABCD
Hello **- space -**mynameis vbtab 5678 vbtab EFGH
Georgeg - space - eorgeorge vbtab 91011 vbtab JKLMN
Me vbtab 121314 vbtab OPQRST
Loganloga **- space -**nloganlogan_isawesome vbtab 151617 vbtab UVWXYZ

I’ve assigned the variable Left(strName,10) but this doesn’t capture the rest of the names that are over 10 characters.



Share one sample text file.

Meanwhile, you can try this-

Strings.Split(yourString, vbtab)(0)

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