String Typed Into Sticky Note is having new line weirdly added


Hi, I’ve screen scrapped my sticky note as above. I cleared all the text and type in the same text from screen scrapping back to sticky note. However I notice the lines went abnormal as there are extra lines being added.

Please advice if this is a bug or there is anything i misconfig

Hi @WeiZheng

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Fine try with this buddy
If the screen scrapping is assigned to a Variable named out_text
The while typing with type into Activity mention like this buddy
String.Join(out_text.Split(Environment.Newline.ToArray(), StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)," ")

I dont quite understand the line here. Do you mean that, upon I’m retyping the same string back, I should bring up a while function to join string, then save it as another string variable to pass down to typing?

I tried based on your suggestion and this is the output. Is this what you are expecting?

This still does not have the original format being re-insert to the sticky. Any further suggestion?

what was the original format buddy, i mean the input string
Cheers @WeiZheng

The above is the original format (PS:/ there is no line below the numbers).

While upon the retype, the output is as below (the retype was with the output of screenscrap):

do note that the difference between the two picture, the sticky has increased line by approximate of 2 lines as show in the below