String Split VB script

I am trying to get specific numbers from the below string . Please support.
“Successfully Created: {13518=15094847,13519=15094843}”
How can i get the numbers 15094847 & 15094843 alone separately

try using Regex

strInputText = “Successfully Created: {13518=15094847,13519=15094843}”

strNumber1 = (new Regex("\d{8}")).Matches( strInputText )(0)
strNumber2 = (new Regex("\d{8}")).Matches( strInputText )(1)

If this solves your problem then mark it as solution.

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Hi @meetrashid84 ,

You can also try,

System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match(strTest,"(?<=13518= )\S+.*").value

Thanks Vikas. this works

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