Hi Everyone.

I have PDF files that I get everyday.
I need to get 2 numbers from them.
These are on the last page.

I have been able to do that correctly every day until today.

The reason is the code above. In the previous files there have only been a “:” at the end just before the numbers. But now for some reason the have a semicolon in the text above to. So it splits to early.

Is there away to tell it so split from the last semicolon? I don´t like to set a number in the last (). I don´t know if there will be more or less semicolons in the future.

Thaagaard Elofsson

  • Read PDF as text
  • Split by new line
  • Get the last line by getting the count of array after splitting by new line
  • Now you have the last line, apply your split by “;”.
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Thanks. :slight_smile:

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