String split activity


I have a string in below format.In this I need to get the result with respect to the Code.

For example: Code: 1234 result is unexpected element.
Code: 3456 result is received

{ “contract”: [{ “result”: “unexpected element”, “targetSystem”: “test2”, “Code”: “1234”},{ “transId”: “13dfcx56”, “result”: “Received”, “targetSystem”: “test2”, “Code”: “3456”}], “plan”: [{ “result”: “record not found”, “targetSystem”: “test2”, “Id”: “abcd”}] }

Like this I may have 500 records. Please help on how to get the both result and code no. . I have used the below pattern match which gives only result and I don’t know how to get the Code no.



Hi @NewUser,

As it is a JSON object, you can parse it using VB code or

Better to Import the available JSON packages in UIPath and parse it using the activities and get the resultant as required.



Thank you for the suggestion. It helped me to find the solution. Used the activity in UIPath.

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