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I have a datable with the names of files in a folder. I am trying to perform a string operation on all the values of the data table. I need to extract only the name of the company from the row. Can anyone help me with it. I am new to UIpath.

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yah this can be done with REGEX or split method inside the FOR EACH ROW loop
if possible can we have an example
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you can try this

0 is the row index


Can you please eleborate in steps, I have done the following steps.

  1. Create Datatable.
  2. For ech row in datatable
    a. assign operation on rows
    I am stuck here . I have names like XYZPty Ltd- Account Transctions, XYZPty Ltd- Trial Balance, Mapping -XYZPty Ltd
    I just need the XYZPty Ltd


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inside the for each row loop use this in assign activity
str_output = Split(row(“yourcolumnname”).ToString,“-”)(0).tostring

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Can i store the output in some other datatable? How can i see the output?

yes you can of course
before FOR EACH ROW loop use BUILD DATATABLE ACTIVITY and create a table with one column of type string named “Mapped company” and get the output with a variable of type datatable named finaldt
–now inside the FOR EACH ROW loop use a ADD DATA ROW activity next to the abovve assign activity and mention the arrayrow property as {str_output} and in datatable mention as finaldt, so that it will add that splitted value to a datatable
–then we can use write range activity next to this for each row loop and write that to a excel file

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Thanks for the solution. I m getting an error . Could you please rectify where i m going wrong

May I know why do we use this assign activity
It’s not per the sequence buddy
After add Datarow and for each row activity we can directly use write range activity
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After Read Range :— Dt1
use Assign in that copy that datatable to other say
Then In For Each Row for Dt2
Row(“Company Name”)=Row(“Company Name”).tostring.split("-"c)(0)

So now in Dt1 your original Data and in Dt2 the updated data
You can see the output datatatble in message box by using
Output Datatatble and Message Box Activity

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