String operation in all the rows of one column

Hi all,
I am new to RPA and i wanted to do string operations in one full all the rows of one colmn of excel.
it has @ and i want all the information before @,
for example
and i want to extract only astha for all the excel column and replace the column values with this new data.Can u please tell in details by using for loop?

@astha_gupta Can you maybe provide a Sample Excel file and the Expected Output that you need. In this way we can understand and help faster.

Also if you need the data just before @ Then you can try the below :


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Hi,yes first tab of the excel is my file and 2nd tab is the expected result.
i wanted to add colmn too…

sample16.xlsx (12.7 KB)

@astha_gupta Check this Workflow : (9.6 KB)

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