String Not Recognized as a Valid Date Time

Hi @Dr_Raza_Abidi_PhD ,

As per the Data that was Provided, the dates read by the Read Range activity is converted into an OADate representation and Hence we were not able to convert the Date properly since it is a Double value. By Debugging we can get to know the value of the Date at Run Time.

For Handling such changes in datetime values, we could use a Try Catch on the First Conversion in Assign and then in the Catch Block we could use the Conversion from OADate as Shown in the Image Below :


I have also assigned the Account Opening Date Column with the Updated Value of Date, since it was also appearing in the OADate format in the Output sheet.

Check the below Updated Workflow :
Extra_Large_Excel_Files_Handling.xaml (24.3 KB)

Let us know if it is still giving out errors.