String Manipulation - value NA

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I have a value in a drop down that is equals to ‘NA’. Unfortunately, my selector was programmed like this:

+row(3).ToString.Substring(0, 1).ToUpper & row(3).ToString.Substring(1,row(3).ToString.Length - 1).ToLower+

So my guess is the bot is reading the value NA like Na. Can someone help me fix my code? I’m not that good with string manipulation. Thanks!

Yah atlast instead of ToLower mention as ToUpper and try once
Cheers @caduque

Would this affect the other value? I’m afraid once I change something on the selector is that it would no longer work on the others

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As per this expression there ToLower atlast that makes why searching as Na
If it is set to ToUpper it will search as NA
Cheers @caduque

My problem is once I change this to the code you gave, what would happen to other values that the bot should proper case? For example is the word APPLE, my bot changes it to Apple. I need a code that would cater the exact value in the file and would do proper case. Is that possible?

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Kindly have a view on this thread for propercase

Cheers @caduque