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In my case, I need to do the string manipulation such that, I have the following FOUR strings in the string array :-

  1. 2003180318C15000,00NTRFNONREF //CNF18030KI74UIPS

  2. 2003180318C20000,00NTRFNONREF //CNF18030EW751J7K

  3. 2003180318C25000,00NTRFNONREF //CNF18030KH751SG1

  4. 2003180318C35000,00NTRFNONREF //CNF18030KG753FWG

And I am able to loop through each of the FOUR string element.

All I want is to extract the values in the following variable as follows:-
For FILE 1

  1. A = ‘200318’
  2. B = ‘C15000’
  3. C = ‘00NTRFNOREF’
  4. D = ‘(that Chinese name after ‘ORDP’)’

Similarly, want to get the values for variables A, B, C and D. **Note:- Please note that there are some variations in the number of lines, and some words. I just want to make sure we are able to get exact details.

Kindly help me with the same.

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@hacky Can you tell us Will the C15000 will always be Starting from C1 or C? Is there any Keyword to make it Identify as Unique.

Also Will the Input String Element will always be in the Format you Specified?


Thats a good question! Also its still in the discussion, but for the time being, lets assume its gonna be the same.

Also, in this case, as you can see in “2003180318C15000,00NTRFNONREF //CNF18030KI74UIPS”

A = first 6 chars.
B = characters between “C” and “,” → which means, in above case, its gonna be “15000”.
C = characters between"," and “//” → which means, in the above case, its gonna be “00NTRFNONREF”
D = next line from “:86:/OR/CNF18030KI74UIPS/ORDP/张家港市亨昌焊材有限公司” , its gonna be the chinese name.

In a nut shell, as a whole, all i want is to find the way to extract the text between above given conditions. I know the way to break down the strings as a split function using string array, but as you can see, its gonna be a tough job to break them again and again to finally get the required text.
Hence, do we have another way to get it done within few steps?

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@hacky I feel you have answered the Questions by yourself :sweat_smile: , I’ll try to generate the xaml file for the same. You can Try as well with what you have Suggested to me.


I understand.

I mean, I have worked with string arrays and spliting the strings, but in this case, I assume we can have a simpler way to get it done too.

I know its an interesting piece.

Looking forward to your response.


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@hacky Check this Regex , It is Matching all the Required Words :

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@hacky Check this Workflow, It Should work for the cases you have for now, But if there’s a Change in the Formatting, it needs to be Changed as well :sweat_smile: :

RegexFind.xaml (7.1 KB)



Thanks Man.

Means alot to me…


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