String manipulation text file

Hello community,

I have tried a lot of the posted solutions regarding string manipulation, but i could not find an answer.

I have a string which i am inserting into a text file to see the composition of the string.

It looks like this:

I want to remove the empty lines from the text file, and then save each line as a string array.
so on the first line the string1[0] is= “123400318”
On the second line string2[0]=“Donald”, string2[1]=“Duck”, string2[2]=“Duckson”… etc.

Can someone help me out?

Thank you

Hi @lada

can you share the same text file here so that it will be easy to work on it …

Happy Automation :raised_hands:

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Er Pratik Wavhal :robot::man_technologist:t4: :computer:


Can you try the following sample? (15.9 KB)


Hi @Pratik_Wavhal,

Of course! temp.txt (626 Bytes)

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