String Manipulation Problem

Hi, this is in reference to an older post.
If we use Split(text,“:W”)(1).ToString
The output is orld:Its:Me

If we use Split(text,“:”)(0).ToString
The output is Hello.

But when we are using Split((Split(text,“:W”)(1).ToString),“:”)(0).ToString
How is the output coming orld ?

@ADITYA_MUKHERJEE When you use the Expression Split((Split(text,“:W”)(1).ToString),“:”)(0).ToString

Firstly, The inner Split takes place, Hence you get the Output as orld:Its:Me

Next, That Output is given as Input to the Outer Split Method, Hence the output will be Just “orld” since, it is taking the 0th element after the Split


the output which u r getting is correct.

text : hello:World:its:me

I am breaking down this into two parts - Split((Split(text,“:W”)(1).ToString),“:”)(0).ToString

  • Split(text,“:W”)(1).ToString - output - orld:its:me - the inside split statement will give u this as output. Now you are going to split this based on the “:” and u r taking first index (0)

In other words , U r actually splitting (“orld:its:me”) with : and taking index (0)

so the output will be , orld .

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