String manipulation and storing datatable

Am having a string which looks like <2.3-3.6-1.7;3.7-4.5-6.7;>=4.6-8. I need to split tha strings based on ; and post that nee to get from value to value and the range correspondingly.

Eg: After splitting wrt ‘;’ I have <2.3-3.6 and now I have to get values like
From : 0
To : 2.3
Range : 3.6 to be added in a datatable

@Letmeknow I dont follow the arithmetics here but in the event the string is dynamic you can use the Split function which separates the string into a an array by a set value. In your case you would use “;”. Then once split you can loop through the array adding to the data table accordingly. See below.

string = “<2.3-3.6-1.7;3.7-4.5-6.7;>=4.6-8”
stringArray = string.Replace("<","").Replace(">","").Replace("=", “”).Split(";"c)

For Each Item in stringArray Do { … }