String manipulation after get text action




Hey at all,

i have used get text Action to filter a specific text out of a PDF. All the PDFs have the same layout and i only would like to get the red framed number as you can see in the picures.

I store the Output of the get text Action in a value. Now i have the Problem that i don’t know how to manipulate this string, so that i only get the specific number.

Hope you guys having some ideas.
Thanks a lot.


@tobschroer Split ur variable with respect to space(" "). Below command give u required output.

String var=Split(UrStringVariable," ")(1)


Thanks @Manjuts90,

i will try. Where i have to type this in?
Sorry, i’m a totally beginner.


@tobschroer use below activity show in pic.


Create a new string variable in variable section. Use it on left side of assign activity.

On right side type Split(UrStringVariable," ")(1)


Thanks @Manjuts90

I think something is still wrong.


@tobschroer Instead of Urstringvariable give the variable name which u have given to output of gettext activity. If your not assigned any variable to output of gettext activity. Create a new string variable and assign that variable to output of gettext activity, use that variable in place of Urstringvariable


i have got it :slight_smile:

thanks a lot @Manjuts90


@tobschroer if u got answer close the thread by marking it as solution.


sorry @Manjuts90,

just another quick question. I want to use this stored number and use it with the Basic recording, type Action. So how can i use my new variable therefore?

Thanks a lot


@tobschroer u want use the final variable inside recording. Do recording normally. After recording replace what u have typed in type into activity with ur variable.


Perfect, thanks.


3021025.pdf (146.3 KB)
i need to get data from pdf
2.QUANTITY (DIGITS)(1,000.000)
i used get text activity but i cant scrap it
so please i need a help
How to get those data


@123 Please find the attachment for the solution xaml file.

pdf------.xaml (18.2 KB)


Tq manjuts for your help