String Interpolation

Is there any plan to incorporate the updates to .NET languages - and visual basic - to allow for string interpolation in UiPath Studio. Instead of string.Format(“This is a string with two variables {0} and {1}”, variable1, variable2) you can now just type $“This is a string with two variables {variable1} and {variable2}”. Obviously this isn’t much of a savings with small number of variables, but when formatting a string with five or more variables, the new way of string interpolation is much simpler and reduces the chance of error.


Any news here, this would be a neat feature.


Hi @nickboswell

I added it to our ideas tracker. Our product team will consider it. In the meantime, feel free to vote this feature up to increase its chance of being implemented :slight_smile:


Noticed that C# is added to the 2019.7 release - awesome. Did try string interpolation with no luck. Shouldn’t it be available - along with other built in .NET features - when running .NET 4.6+?


// André

Hi @Andre_Viebke

Given it is experimental support for now, it might be that some bugs still need to be reported :slight_smile:

Feel free to report directly from Studio, given that 2019.7 brings this functionality as well:

Thanks for your quick response, will do.

// André

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