String handle in a web page

I have a string in a web page in select item activity.

e.g. ABCD-0001, ABCD-Vendor name , 1900-01-01 , 2299-12-31

My excel sheet has value ABCD-0001 in a cell, I need to select the same in web page in select item activity.

Also value can be change next time, as per excel it can be XYZUVW-0001 and as per web it can be same as

XYZUVW-0001, XYZUVW-Vendor name , 1900-01-01 , 2299-12-31

How can I handle this.

First read all cell value and store in DT.
Read cell one by one and in web page put select item in var.
put if condition in for each row activity then
{ DT.rows(conter).item("ColumnName)= Web Var

Hi @shubhu31814 , I tried this but won’t work for me, complete string which shows in web is “ABCD-0001, ABCD-Vendor name , 1900-01-01 , 2299-12-31”

and in excel I have only “ABCD-0001” it did not contains remaining part in excel.