String comparison after data table filter


I am having a data table (CC_DESC) like below,

CC Description
45 lays
46 pepsi
46 cock
46 maza
42 bingo
41 fruti

I need to filter the data table based on CC column in the above table, for that i used the below query,

filtered_DT = CC_DESC.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(row) row(“CC”).ToString=test_division).CopyToDataTable()

After this i used For each row to read the filtered_DT and its fetching the correct data.

I need to compare this filtered_DT with an existing string. For value 46 in CC column having 3 values, so after did the filtering it returning pepsi,cock and maza for 46.

how i can compare these 3 values against that existing string?

can anyone help me on this?



I have attached the xaml file which i tried to filter data table.

After filter the data table I am using “Contains” function to compare a string and then return the Boolean result as true or false.

if the filtered row is eqals to 1 then its returning true or either false based on the string comparison

if the filtered row more than 1, let say if filtered row is 3 its comparing there times with the string and returning false value 2 times and true one time, since only one value existing in that string which we need to compare.

but i need to check if filtered row more than 1 then it should return true if anyone of the filtered row exist in that string.

I have attached my xaml file here. Can anyone please help me on this? (147.3 KB)


Hi @shajanjose,

Here I have attached the xmal. Please check it .It will help you.

File (2.0 KB)


Hi Balamurugan,

Only excel and assign activity loading from your workflow. Do i need to install any package?


Hi @shajanjose ,

Please update your community version to 18.3 beta-1. I have developed it in the new version.


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