String comparision without loopig


I have two strings

expected output is -ffd

Kindly help me on the same

Hi @joe2 ,

We might need more explanation on why the Output is to be formed in that way.

Could you provide what are you doing to get the output in that manner ?

it is based on comparing the strings as letter “f” is repeated more than once in the string it comes twice

@joe2 ,

But it is repeated 3 times, and in the output it is only twice, also the same for the letter “d”.

Compare it string 1 to string 2- in string 2 “f” it is repeated twice and “d” is repeated once

Still we do have some doubts as the requirement description does have some unspecified parts.

We assume that L1-, L2- is not part of check
We also cannot derive rules when String1 has more common chars as String 2 - relevant for the output position

However have a look here:
Common chars but ignoring the occurences:



thank you the string joined worked

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