String array, if condition and dymanic selector

I have created a variable containing string values in the selector of the activity element exists. If the element exists i need to check if the variable has more than one value if it does i need to use a if statement. Which activity should i use and what condition should i write ?


Can you please explain it more clearly using some screenshots or sample data.
Are you trying to dynamically pass the values in the string array to the selector and checking the existance of the element?


Main.xaml (7.8 KB)

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

Thank you for the quick response. For a better understanding i have attached a xaml file and mentioned my query as well in it.

Thank you!


Could you let us know what are we supposed to Check in this website ?

You did mention we need to check more than 1 Category Cable, But are you mentioning only about the Category 3 Cable, Category 4 Cable, … those that starts with C or all the other letters as well ?

I need to check if there is more than 1 Category Cable it doesn’t have to be category 3 cabel or category 4 cable. If there is more than 1 category cable of any type i need to write the if statement.