String and List of SubString

Hi All, I am working on the Email Automation Project.

I have stored all the sender email address in Config file. I need to build a workflow for looping each of the stored values(email address) and store it as new variable for future filtering. so if I receive the email that the sender belongs to this list of substing, I can do further task.

My question is how can I handle the list of email address and use" for each" loop and store them as an variable.

Many thx

U can simple do the thing if you want to check is sender email is present in that sheet or not
use LookUp range if lookup range gives u any output that means it found that mail id.


I’ll make a dictionary with email addresse as key (by splitting the original variable). You can iterate over its keys, you can check if a string is one of its keys, you can manage relative values, you can then iterate over key,value pairs.

hi Msan,

Can you let me know more details about it?

for which part?