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I’m using a click activity in my process and I need it to throw an error. Right now what happens is it continues clicking where the button is on the web browser. The issue is that the web page creates a dialogue box and it creates a gradient on the screen behind the dialogue box. I need the selector to see this change and create an error so that I can use try-catch activity and run the alternative.

Or if someone wants to help on my other post and help me to figure out how to run ForEachRow activity 25 times then run a different path and repeat that would probably be more helpful.

Thanks in advance

That is choose that element and get the output with a variable of type Boolean
So that we can validate that in IF condition like
bool_exists = True
If true goes for THEN part or goes for ELSE

And for this

We can use FOR EACH ROW loop inside the While loop with condition like this
counter < 25
Where counter is a variable of type int32 with default value as 0 defined in the variable panel and inside the loop atlast use a assign activity like this
counter = counter +1

Cheers @heblightning

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Ty so much @Palaniyappan ! I am still having one issue. With the while loop I have condition exactly as you have it. I have the counter variable int32 and it does count correctly (used a dialogue box to check)…however! When the counter variable does reach more than 25 the loop still continues.

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