Streaming Citrix Data into Pandas Data Table

Below find representative Citrix streaming data application / service taken seconds apart.

The goal is to get this data into a Pandas Data frame in the following format.

Time Date Stamp in UTC is the INDEX and must be created and inserted
SPY is the first Symbol.
There are about 3,000 symbols in the symbols dictionary. SYMBOL data added to correct column.
Newest Data is added to the top of the table. Older data shifted down

Index column Symbol 1 ( SPY) Symbol 2 Symbol 3 …… Symbol 3,000
Time Stamp Trade Price
Time Stamp Trade Size

Is it possible to get Uipath to perform such a task on streaming Citrix data?

Thank you in advance for your time and attention to this matter


Example Citrix Table Format

Symbol Trade Price Trade Size <---- This Table header

PINS 19.95 10000
PINS 19.95 10742
PAPG 18.36 23800
ANAB 10.99 64979
LYFT 42.85 12020



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