Strange! When it's writing in search field in Website, Skype Tool open


Strange!!! When it’s writing in search field in Website, Skype Tool open. What should be the issue? Thx

Hi @hsendel, once you type in the search field, why don’t you check if the Skype Tool exists using “Element Exists” activity? Then if it exists, you can minimize it using “Click” or any other activity. Hope this helps!


Thanks @KM1996 for your feedback,
In fact when writing in search field there is not Skype window, it’s minimized in the task bar, just at certain time it appears and it prevents writing the remaining characters in search field, hope is clear.

I too have faced this kind of issue, at that time it was excel. I used kill process for excel and it worked. Try to use kill process

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Hi @praseedplk, Thanks for feedback, YES it’s one of the solution , but I don’t want to close Skype as it’s a working tool and at anytime my colleagues can ping me .