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I am not able to find str.tocharArray() while trying to reverse a string I am getting only str.tochar
(), should I add any libraries to get str.tocharArray()? please help

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Hi @Deva2

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What’s the data type of the str variable? I think it’s in generic type.

Try this


Let know whether it helps.


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here you go
hope its resolved
with single expression its possible
str_input = New String(str_input.ToString.ToCharArray.Reverse().ToArray()) (9.3 KB)

Cheers @Deva2

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Hi Fernado,

the data type is of Generic In default after changing the datatype from generic to string I am able to get str.ToCharArray().:slight_smile:

thanks for the info.

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thank you palaniyappan, for giving the inputs in other way tooo… helped me in improvint my knowledge :slight_smile:


no worries
Cheers @Deva2

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