Storing Window Credentials

Hi, How to store credentials in WM and fetch it from the studio. What to write on the Internet or network address, is it asking for the orchestrator URL or others. and in username and password field is the same as I gave in Orchestrator.

@balkishan : when you are using orchestrator why are going to store cred in credential manager ?

In the internet field give any name.For more details go through the below link


It is clearly said in the assignment if orcehstrator cred not found then put condition to fetch from local if local not existed then create it.

Hello @balkishan,

Please refer below snapshots, you will have to provide same name that you type in ‘Internet or network address’ field. for example : gmailLoginCred


uname and pass you have declared as a variable right. Thanks so much Pankaj

you are right. you just click in password field and hit a key ctrl+K and type a variable name, uipath will automatically choose a type of variable.


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Thanks @Pankaj.Patil

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