Storing Find Children elements

Hello all, I have a tricky question.
So, I’m looping through Find Children elements. After each click on Find Children element, new page is being opened, so children elements are not available anymore.
Is it possible to store Find Children elements somewhere, so I can use them properly?
Thanks in advance.

Find children activity returns an ienumerable

This variable can be used globally as any other collection, can be made as a argument and can be passed to other workflows as well.

I understand that, but each time when second Find Children element needs to be clicked, I get error - The UiElement is no longer valid.

try doing a ctrl+click if possible so that a new tab is opened for processing of each children element.
The parent window would always be there and should not give this error.

I’ve tried that as well, but it is not possible to open those elements in new tab… Pure disaster.

any resolution to this even i have the same issue

thanks in advance

instead of using the item from the Find Children output collection the item’s selector can be used.

this avoids the no longer valid issue