Stored procedure automation


I’m very new to UIPATH and doing some training. I wanted to see if someone can provide some direction on a real project that I’m working on.

I have an excel spreadsheet that has three columns . Each column contains a variable that I’m using inside a SSMS stored procedure.

example xlsx:


automation logic:

  1. pass the 3 variables into SSMS query.

  2. Run the SPROC

  3. Save the results of the query into a excel folder

  4. Loop through entire excel range.

Sproc example:

DECLARE return_value int
EXEC return_value = [dbo].[Usp_Automate]
Code1 = N’Code1’,
Code2 = N’Code2’,
File_Name = N’File_Name’

I’m essentially trying to run the Sproc for each row of data in the spreadsheet and save the output to a local folder.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated.