Store the for each output into the new cell

As I use for each row in data table activity ,I get the value in every iteration and I need to store the values in a excel file(.xlsx) file sequentially I don’t know how to do it.
I need help…

Hey, you can use write cell activity in side for each row
pass the counter in cell


Hi @agathiyanv,

  1. Create a table for the row you want to write to Excel.
  2. Loop with your table.
  3. Import the data into the table you originally created using add data row.
  4. And finally append this table to your excel file.


or you can store the value by using an assign.

row.item(“row name”) = variable

Remember to write the range to an .xlsx, with your datatable, in the end after your for each row loop is done.

Can you share any screenshot I don’t know how to add the counter for cell. Because when i enter
“C”+count it shows error.

you can follow this


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