Store the Dictionaries in a List

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Please help me to add list of dictionaries to a list variable type of below.


I am trying below but getting error.


Hi @Shaik.Yezdani

Below is the starter workflow
Initialise Value (1.9 KB)

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I am trying to get the API response by providing the endpoints, but i am not getting the full response and also proper Json. same i tried through postman i am getting proper response. Can someone please help me and also please find the below response from uipath.

“result”: [
“number”: “INC3041653”,
“short_description”: “Application > System has stalled in INVENTORY SERVICES & MEDIATION”,
“sys_id”: “0ed165531b5ed0589463fd15cc4bcb06”,
“escalation”: “2”,
“opened_by”: {
“link”: “”,
“value”: “e23417ce4faa420095b82ae6f110c724”
“cmdb_ci”: {
“link”: “”,
“value”: “de62cebf4fb09a4095b82ae6f110c77e”
“sys_created_on”: “2020-08-03 12:59:37”,
“description”: “FASTR_13700 seems to be stuck in ORDERED status. We will need this closed so we can submit another FASTR request again the circuit.”,
“u_s_item”: “Application Issue”,
“state”: “13”,
“assigned_to”: {
“link”: “”,
“value”: “900397371b1cbb0c110add7ebd4bcb1a”
“number”: “INC3064338”,
“short_description”: “Functional > Data missing in SERVICE ACTIVATION ORCHESTRATOR-FT”,
“sys_id”: “136c10021bea5c9cebc7baecdc4bcb6f”,
“escalation”: “0”,

Hello Yezdani,
In this video I have multiple examples with Dictionary:

Cristian Negulescu