Store Executing and Closed Activity Times in Variables


Looking at the Execution .log files in the UiPath\Logs folder I see that each activity has an ‘Executing’ and ‘Closed’ timeStamp.

For selected activities in my sequence I would like to write these time stamps to a variables so I can then write them to a Excel file.

Is this possible and if so please could someone give me an indication of how this can be done.

21:33:54.1727 Trace {“message”:“Click ‘CPH1931’ Executing”,“level”:“Trace”,“logType”:“Default”,“timeStamp”:"2021-01-13T21:33:54.171766+00:00

21:33:57.0195 Trace {“message”:“Click ‘CPH1931’ Closed”,“level”:“Trace”,“logType”:“Default”,“timeStamp”:“2021-01-13T21:33:57.0195346+00:00”,

Thank you


Hello @kjhsdhkfskh,

As far as I know, that information is not visible or not available.

But, an approach can be to put an Assign before and after the activities that you want to monitor. The assign to contain a variable that contain the time at that specific test. (StartTime=DateTime.Now)

in my automations, usually I use this approach when I need to get the specific timeframe for execution of a transaction.

Might be other solutions, but not aware at the moment.


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@wasea , Thank you very much for your suggestion. It is greatly appreciated and has worked perfectly for me.


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