Store a message box in another excel file

Hello Everyone I’m still new in UIPATH programming and trying to programm a robot , which count the Data in a specific excel Column and store the number as a message box in another excel file within a specific range .Can any one help with how to store the number of data ??

Hi @Abx9,

It would be great if you could attach sample input/Output excel files in order to understand and give best solution.


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i would like to count the number of data in column C (down the pic ) and store it in another excel file within a specific range

and store it in this range

If you want to get count of items/rows present in first excel file,

  1. Read excel file using read range activity. Store data in InputDT variable.
  2. Get item count using InputDT.Rows.Count
  3. Write count (InputDT.Rows.Count) in 2nd excel using write Cell activity


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i wrote a programm and reached till here

could you please demonstrate how to save this message box in another excel file

You can use Write Cell Activity to update count in 2nd excel file.

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Could u Please demonstrate how to do it step by step , Sorry for the many questions but I’m still new

Mappe1.xlsx (5.4 MB)
here is the Excel file i’m working on

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