Storage Bucket - Unauthorized error

Hi folks,

Was hoping to see if anyone can point out what I’m missing as I’m getting unauthorized error for all storage related activities in orch

Example - List storage files

Directory: ""
Storage Bucket name: testbucket

studio is connected to orch in default directory, which is where testbucket resides in

my user role has all permissions granted for storage bucket - aka robot: folder permissions (storage files, storage buckets all view/edit/create granted)

Anything else I’m missing out? :pensive:

Hi @McDonalds

are you validatin within the studio that you are working in the correct folder?


hey thanks for the quick reply - yeah I didn’t specify any specific path in the activity as I can see from the studio it is connected to orch/default (as per your screen)


Is interactive sign in setup for the bot? Can you trythat

Also can you try creatinga different folder and check connecting to that folder please

Also you can go to tenant → users → check permissions to see if right set of permissions are provided for user