Storage Bucket : Browse Bucket issues

Browsing bucket to search for files is not very accurate.

To get to the final page you have to go page after page but not directly.

Thanks for pointing it out. Just to clarify - the issue is that the Search box doesn’t search in all the pages at once, but only in the current one?

Mainly when we want to get to the last page for example if there are 30 pages, to get to page number 30 you have to go page by page because you cannot access the last page directly. So it’s extremely long and when you go back to previous pages, it’s the same process.
Also, it’s not possible to see the total number of pages because it shows 1/1 or 21/21 for example, while in reality there are 30 pages and it’s not possible to know that until reqching the last page.
You can find below some exemples from the same bucket when browsing it :

Thanks for the report, it looks more like a bug to me than a feature request. I pushed it to the issue tracker for our team to check it.

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