Stopping performer running in Studio results in Transaction Success (?!)

I’m running a performer in Studio using RE framework, which is retrieving from a queue. When I manually stop the running workflow it is setting the transaction status to successful.

Why is that the case? The workflow has not run to completion. Is there something I need to change to make this behavior as one would expect?

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Buddy kindly check with what is the transaction status been set after system exception or application exception. May be you might have set as successful buddy…Kindly check with that


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Also, note that when you trigger the Stop (ShouldStop), it will finish the currently running queue item and result in whatever status it receives. Then, stops after that queue item.

EDIT: if you stop it in Studio, it kills the execution, so it should show the Queue item as “In Progress”, so I’m not sure why it would say successful, unless it completed that item already. - showing “In Progress” is a problem in itself though, because you can’t manually do anything to it like delete, and requires a workflow that fixes the status.

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I have same issue in 2019.10.2. Did you get any solution ?