Stop scraping when seeing the title or element

I am running a do-while activity, I am now using true for the condition. Anyone know how to write a condition to stop scraping when seeing the title or element of the webpage below?

this is my workflow:

Hi @Paul_Li2,

  1. Use ‘Get Text’ activity ito Indicate the title or element that you want to check for on the webpage using the ‘Indicate on screen’ feature.
  2. Add an ‘If’ activity after the ‘Get Text’ activity. . In the condition field of the ‘If’ activity, enter the following expression:
    Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(yourVariableContainingTitleOrElement)
    This will check if the variable containing the title or element is not empty or null.
  3. If the condition is true, use a ‘Break’ activity to exit the loop and stop scraping the webpage.

Hi @Paul_Li2 Use On Element Appear activity to check the element. If it exists then just break the loop using Break activity

Hey @Paul_Li2
Just at the end of your workflow i.e at targer does not appear use this continue activity.
Hope this works