Stop / kill thousands of triggered jobs


I would like to know is there any way we can stop triggered jobs like the number in screen shot…

The number of jobs in screen shot is attached below…


Hi @saiteja8

How come you have so many pending jobs for the same process?

Im not too sure about this idea because i havent really tried it. I have only tries it for one instance…

Try looping the kill process activity and provide the process name to kill

Yeah Lahiru… this was my trail process which turned into a disaster…

On the machine side…I am using the kill process I loop to stop all triggered…

But at orchestrator level is there any way to stop these many pending jobs…?

This mistake is due to shown in screenshot

Thank you

Im not really sure what approach to take to stop all those pending jobs…

Guys @ClaytonM, @loginerror would be great i you guys could share your thoughts on this?

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Have you tried using the Filter and choose “Pending” state so only that state is shown? Then, click the top checkbox to select all, and Kill.

I don’t remember if I have tried this myself. It’s possible it only selects one page at a time, rather than every page.

That’s the only way I think it could be done. If it only let’s you kill one page worth, then I guess you will need to do it page by page.

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Yes clayton…its page by page…but like that there are as many 800+ pages😔

Have a look at the Orchestrator API or at the Powershell library:

You can write a batch or ps script which gets all jobs from a process, then calls StopJob for each one.

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Thank you @CosminV for some aliter…
i dont know this power shell… but may be this weekend is gonna be there to crack to know-how make this script possible to run to clear these 8000 processes…otherwise will take days to complete…

8000 processes… :astonished:

I thought it was 1000 something… oh boy…

You can write a robot that does these actions one by one