Stop count at 8 excel


I have an excel file with some values in it. What I need is to configure the robot to read the first 8 cells from the file, display those first 8 cells in a message box and then continue to read the next 8 cells and so on.

My workflow at the moment looks like this:

What should I do now to ask the robot to stop after first 8 cells and then to continue to the next 8?


Hello @AlexMt

You can create a count and increase to control it, after you should check if the count is equals 8, if it’s the same you show your message and clear the count, and so it will do for the next 8


Thanks for your fast answer. I’m new to UIpath, can you please explain how would I do this count?


See example attached

COUNT8.xlsx (8.3 KB)
CountEquals8.xaml (11.0 KB)

Hope it Helps :wink:

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