Stop child workflow and resume with father

So, I have a for each inside a father workflow which invokes a child workflow.
I need to be able to stop this new workflow, go back to the father and keep going with the for each but I can’t do it without terminating the whole project.



Continue activity can’t be used because the error doesn’t occur inside the cycle but in the workflow invoked by the cycle.

Terminate Workflow activity kills all processes but I want the father one to continue.

Is there a way to stop the child (if the error occurs) which doesn’t kill every UiPath process and lets me keep executing after the error occured?

Thanks in advance and sorry if I didn’t explain myself well enough

why Continue activity is not possible?

you can use try catch

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This is why:

Yeah, that I know, but what do I put in the catch to go back to the father workflow and resume with the for each cycle?

Unless I interpreted badly Continue Activity’s description and it works even if the cycle is in another workflow. Gonna try now and let you know

EDIT: Nope, I tried and Studio tells me I can put Continue only in a for each

You mean in for each you used invoke wf and in invoked wf you will get error?

Yes, just as the two screenshots demonstrate, I have the Invoke activity inside a for each in the first workflow and the event (it’s not really an error) happens in the invoked workflow.

After the error occurs I need to go back to the for each and continue with next iteration


I put the invoke activity inside a try-block and, when the child returns the exception, a Continue Activity in the catch-block

Thanks anyway :smiley:

Well Done!
Sorry for not replying as i wasbusy

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