Stop button not working in Orchestrator

When i click “stop” on a job that is running. It still runs and processes transactions? Isit because i do not have a “should stop” activity in my workflow? Does this need to be in there for the stop button to work as the bot is programmed to run 24/7

Any help would be massively appreciated

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yah whenver we are using stop button we need to have SHOULD STOP in our process
and if we press STOP it wont impact the process and will keep executing
else if we want to abrupty stop the process we need to use KILL button instead

hope this would help you
Cheers @jswali

Thanks for the response, where should we have the should stop in the process? Isit in get transaction?

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yah we can find it here in the state


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One more question to the Robot Master… if i stop a bot, am I still able to login to the virtual machine that it is running from? Isit there a resume button also?

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no dont login while the process is running which might disturb process
and thats not a good practise
yah you could be able to login but dont buddy
Resume button is not there i hope

Cheers @jswali

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