Stop button in "never ending" process

I would like to build a real hotfolder functionality with a directory structure. The idea is to restart the process when all files in the structure are processed after a delay. It would be nice if the user could stop the process just under the delay. Unfortunately the Message Box (or Input Dialog) do not have a timeout and would wait “forever” for user input. It would be nice to have a button appertaining for lets say 5 min to enable the user to stop the process otherwise just start again, looking for new files.

We can use
Terminate workflow activity
The sequence will be like this
Next to the message box use a DELAY activity with a time stamp like 00:05:00
And followed by that use Terminate workflow file activity

Hope this would help you

Cheers @StefanSoyka

Hi @Palaniyappan
Thank your for your replay and sorry for my late response!
Unfortunately I am not sure how the sequence should look like.

The idea is:
I have a message box “Terminate process?”. When the user is clicking on it it should just end the process, which is by the way at FlowChart. If the user does NOT click on the button within 5 minutes the process will just restart looking for new files.

@StefanSoyka Use Try catch activity

Sorry, I am still not on track. I do not understand how a Try catch should help. It could not find any exception that is thrown from the message box when I do not do anything, not even a timeout.

I even tried a parallel sequence

but that is still waiting until I press a button as it only proceeds to next step when both paths are done. But the termination works fine, when I press the “Yes” button and it of cause continues pressing “No”.

Give me 1 day of time i will figure it out and send you the working XAML file

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Hi @MartianxSpace
Have you had time to look at this?

I got a hint from support on this thread.
It solved the problem:

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